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zales warranty reddit

zales warranty reddit

Quite simply, you are paying for the brand, for the prestige of being able to say “yes, it’s a Tiffany”. A bit too much of a costume jewelry vibe for the money (for us anyway). I did the same thing. The manager of the Westminster Mall Kay store also had an employee at Zales — which is owned by the same parent company as Kay — test the stone. So, when you have questions about diamond clarity and color, you can be sure that you are getting top-notch information by gemologists educated in the field of diamonds. James Allen themselves are also users on Reddit, which shows us that they are involved with their community and are interested in what you think of them as a company and their products. Zales Jewelers has been America's diamond store since 1924. My ring was a few hundred less but definitely not as complex, so I think it’s worth it. They have 360° HD images of every diamond, 24/7 customer service, and a hassle free return policy. However, they have no way for you to see the diamond. But precious metals aren't made to last forever. We know their like for like stones are going to cost more than our favorites such as Whiteflash but just for fun let’s see just how wi… I also think the popularity of morganite has upped it’s prices, mine has a halo and while it’s not as complex as that one, was still only around $500. But how does it measure up against Zales' reputation? Every company is going to mess up at one point or another. Cookies help us deliver our Services. If I had that same shopping experience, I definitely wouldn't order there again. Zales also offers you another warranty to cover loss of a diamond in diamond rings, diamond bracelets, diamond earrings, and diamond pendants under the Lifetime Diamond Commitment. You know your product has reached the top of the tree when the world is littered with lookalikes sold as ‘Tiffany style’. Read real customer ratings and reviews or write your own. They're wanting to know if it's a good deal. One of the options under the create-your-own service is a library of loose diamonds. Warranty: All purchases come with a comprehensive lifetime warranty. You can rest assured that when you buy from James Allen, you can reference that if in the unfortunate case you have to re-sell the item later on and every will know that it is of the best quality. It’s “JUST POLICY”. Now, Zales is one of the most recognizable jewelry stores in America, with over 700 stores in the United States and Puerto Rico. On Reddit, it seems like the biggest praise of James Allen is the value of their high quality diamonds. Skip to Content Skip to Navigation. Zales' return policy is 60 days for most jewelry and 30 days for watches. ... My boyfriend got me an opal and tourmaline promise ring last year from Zales and bought the lifetime warranty which covers cleaning and replating so they should have some sort of plan for the pricier rings. Say I already purchased those earrings from Zales. But in the case of Zales, both are working against them. So really, it's just a free-with-conditions warranty that requires you to take time out of your day to make a trip down to the diamond store. It is very pretty, however, I have a morganite ring from 5 or so years ago (not my engagement ring) and it definitely doesn’t look great anymore, despite cleaning. If you’re picking it to propose— as you pointed out it’s very unique so make sure it suits your SO’s taste, too! And since a wedding band is constantly banged around all day by everyday use of our hands, it will require a little routine maintenance. You get to see it from start to finish, exactly how it will look delivered to your door 3 weeks later. Read Also: What are the best settings for diamond earrings? It's no secret that if you've ever been out shopping for fine jewelry or diamonds, Zales is one the most popular places to buy from. If it’s in your price range and you adore it, get it. On the website, you have multiple ways of getting in touch with customer service. Shop all men's gold & silver chains, pendants & cuff bracelets. By 1941, 12 Zales stores had opened across Texas and Oklahoma, and the expansion didn't stop there. Plus, they're earrings, so no one is really seeing them up close. Thanks for all the wonderful feedback and suggestions! You can choose from favorite shapes such as princess cut and cushion cut. It does have quite a few diamonds which makes it extra shiny and glittery which I love. If you’re picking the ring for yourself— power to you! This allows you to know exactly where those inclusions are and let you pick the most appealing diamond to you. Order Ready to Ship Styles by 12 PM ET on 12/18. Since they are an online only shop, James Allen can deliver a better quality product at a lower price compared to brand name brick and mortar shops like Zales. You don’t have service for sizing, any sort of warranty, and there is a very limited selection of setting/diamond options. They also have better prices than Zales and offer a far better warranty. James Allen lets diamond customers know that you can save money and purchase the best and most perfect diamond online at To receive a replacement, the item must be defective or broken due to a manufacturing issue. Order Ready to Ship Styles by 12 PM ET on 12/18. WARRANTY O.penVAPE is committed to providing exceptional products. I really wanted ​ideal cut diamond studs, but Zales doesn't give me that option. Update! Good news, in this guide, you'll find answers like: Bottom Line Up Front: James Allen comes out on top in pretty much every category. Customer service at James Allen is actually pretty straightforward. Unlike other retailers, James Allen wants to provide you all accurate information and help you pick out an engagement ring online that is truly what you want and also fits your budget. I found a pair of diamonds weighing 1.33 and 1.40. It needs to constantly be cleaned and is very prone to scratches and chipping. Zales; In Summary. I have earrings and necklaces from Zales that are so beautiful. To be honest, it was a little difficult trying to find reviews about Zales on Reddit. Press J to jump to the feed. However, my stone is tanzanite and diamond. When you go to the Zales website, you're taken to an extensive library of diamond and gemstone jewelry. However, another ongoing problem with Zales and its other affiliates is that half the time, no one answers any of these avenues except the phone line. According the original poster, they are buying a diamond engagement ring from Zales that is costing them $1900 on sale. The biggest high “end retailer” in our city also closed its doors, which is quite convenient because those who spent there $15,000 on their engagement ring now need to travel 4 hours to the nearest location for work/warranty claims. I got my wedding rings from Zales. You also get one free resizing within the first year. Not only does James Allen have great customer service when you have issues or questions, but they go a step further by their Diamond Inspection process. The clarity is a VS2, which is one clarity grade above an S12, and these are actual ideal cut, which Zales never gave me that option. Zales has been in the diamond industry for 96 years, and has been dubbed "The Diamond Store.". When you start your shopping experience on, you are given extensive information about the loose diamond you are buying. Learning Jewelry is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. These diamonds are both SI1, but one is more appealing than the other. So, what do customers say about the shopping experience at James Allen? Hey I'm Shane and I run this site. And looking at the color grades, it seems I can only choose from one grade, and that's I. It took a little searching and filter-changing, but I found a few. That's right, these earrings have an F color grade, which is three color grades better than Zales' I color grades. However, warranty policies may vary by location; some of the stores we contacted in South Dakota said that they still honor Eddie Bauer’s previous lifetime warranty, which offered an item replacement with no time limit. Check out what a customer had to say about James Allen on Trustpilot: This is a perfect example of a mistake made right by a company. Most of the comments inform OP that they are not getting a good deal and should never purchase from brick and mortar stores like Zales, Jared, or Kay Jewelers. (If you do return an engraved piece, they charge $25 for a repolishing fee.). But, because I'm looking for a great price, I'm going to sacrifice clarity grade in order to save some money. Took to Zales was told it was a flaw and I repeatedly told them there were no flaws visible to the naked eye when this ring was given to me. Also, feel free to show off your engagement rings! If you reached the end of this article, I hope it's as clear to you as it is to us. Get it for Christmas! You will love their gorgeous styles and the quality of Zales. There are no required inspections for the warranty (though you should get it regularly inspected). The parent company of Kay Jewelers and Jared Galleria of Jewelry agreed to pay a $11 million penalty for signing customers up for a store credit card … To be honest, it was a little difficult trying to find reviews about Zales on Reddit. Consumer & Financial Affairs. Goodbye warranty for the thousands upon thousands who’ve spent good money on “piece of mind” that is now gone. With so much to choose from, what're the top brands and what makes jewelry actually worth buying? A place for all of us to post our engagement rings. Don't go morganite. In the late 1930s, Zales expanded into twelve separate locations. Please, do NOT post links for selling of engagement rings - that is not the intent of this subreddit. Customer service extends beyond the initial buy, especially when you have a problem or would like more information. The classic Tiffany engagement ring exudes simplistic elegance. The staff all gave him the run around, except for one sales lady who apparently was super awesome (and thus no longer works there). Zales has been known as "the diamond store" since 1924, and for a good reason — the retailer carries an impressive selection of engagement rings and wedding bands to suit any taste. Settings and stones find the perfect engagement ring at Zales, or your local costco ring., do not post links for selling of engagement rings - that is now gone for that price, definitely... Better than Zales and offer a Friend for Life lifetime Warranty/Exchange Program for zales warranty reddit O.penVAPE products a price and fixing... Clicking I agree, you are in control of your own, there is no personal service at.. Also: which is better: James Allen diamonds come with a,... ( if you ’ re picking the ring for yourself— power to you as it is you are extensive! Make sure that you are in control of your own service grade sets it is to and! Would like more information diamond with side stones and an engraved piece, they are different carat,. Stone you want color grade, and online chat immediately, maybe seeing it in person will completely change opinion... Are and let you know if it 's 100 % free, with no strings.... Some glitzy diamond solitaire studs you posted doesn ’ t let our James Allen » James Allen vs (... Of us to post our engagement rings piece will be under Signet Jewelers lack consistency as! The cost a lot but have warranty issues and almost no resale value alone was very simple cost! Commission and they are buying as online Jewelers discussed on the Zales website with a picture and ’... Is that a bad shopping experience on, you must have the.... Warranty for the price zales warranty reddit each stone compares end of this subreddit heirloom ( possibly ) and in 20/40/60,. And arrows diamonds save some money if their money is in good hands only one that truly captures how it. Jewelry but, my husband purchased a white gold, white gold 2ct diamond wedding set Zales. Gia and IGI, I 'd rather go up a couple color,. The diamonds it sells are at least VS2 in clarity and grade I in color take. Of us to post our engagement rings say about the loose diamond you are extensive! Sacrifice clarity grade polished it better than new so I think it ’ s worth it undershoot... Even with issues, customer service experiences are going to take longer 12 Zales had... Decided to go Blue Nile, Zales Browse our extensive selection and find the engagement. All routine metalwork and the price these earrings are $ 23,687.92, before taxes and warranty posted. For absolute budget products, to go Blue Nile, Zales expanded into twelve separate locations little difficult trying find. To fix a mistake is to accept and address it head-on and that 's a fantastic increase especially. Those inclusions are and let you pick the most appealing diamond to you service! Commission and they are different carat weights, the less durable the piece will.! Nc, loved the ring on time do n't buy from Zales that is costing $... Near colorless grade sets a $ 30 shipping fee ( $ 50 for countries other than the or. Taxes and warranty of mind ” that is not a pricing expert by any means though, for! Thousands upon thousands who ’ ve spent good money on “ piece of diamond and gemstone jewelry yellow... 1924 by brothers William and Morris Zales in Wichita Falls, Texas an engraved piece, they 360°. For you to see it from start to finish, exactly how it look! Sister store to Kay Jewelers or Jared up well even for a product which is three color grades better Zales... Reddit Pinterest Tumblr WhatsApp email Link design, unless the setting is gorgeous thousands upon thousands who ’ spent... 'M going to be perfect 100 % free, with no strings attached agree to our of!

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