«Architecture of Low Energy Consumption» published by Ifengspace


The book “Architecture of Low Energy Consumption” includes Environmental Department of Zaragoza City Council, by Magén Arquitectos.

The book displays low-energy design through several aspects – passive solar design, application of insulation material, daylighting and ventilation, utilization of renewable energy, resource recycling, vertical greeening and the application of integrated strategy. Low-energy strategies are illustrated with specifical architectural projects, through which readers can learn about the essence of low-energy design that world famous architects are trying to interpret in innovative ways.

El libro «Architecture of Low Energy Consumption» incluye una selección de proyectos y edificios sostenibles, incluyendo el Centro Ambiental del Ebro, proyectado por Magén Arquitectos.

Eng, 35×25 cm, 384 p. – ISBN 978-988-16527-5-1

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