6th Biennial of Architecture «Barbara Cappochin». Finalist. 40 Best International Projects


The jury of the 6th edition of the International Biennial of Architecture «Barbara Cappochin» has selected the Administrative Building in Híjar (Teruel) of Magén Arquitectos as one of the 40 Best Projects (ranked 13th) of the International Section of the Biennial 2013:


The international jury was composed by Leopoldo FREYRIE, Architect, President of the National Council of Architects, Planners and Landscape Architects (CNAPP and C) – (ITALY), Alberto CECCHETTO, Architect (ITALY), Abe RYO, Architect (JAPAN), Nikos FINTIKAKIS, architect (GREECE), Francisco MANGADO, Architect (SPAIN), Nicola LEONARDI, Managing Director «The Plan» (ITALY), Elena Grigoryeva, Architect (RUSSIA). All the works selected by the Jury will be published in the catalogue of the “Biennial”.

Giuseppe Cappochin, president of the Foundation and the Order of Architects of Padua has said: «In the edition 2013 there were more than three hundred works presented, and completed in the past three years. The decline of the Italian participation, evidence of the serious crisis that the design industry is experiencing in our country, has been offset by an increase in the international one, confirming the worldwide prestige of the award. They were, in fact, more than three hundred works submitted from 30 countries from all continents, with the confirmation of Japan and Spain in second and third place behind Italy for number of works presented. Important, numerically, even the holdings of Portugal, Finland, Brazil, South Korea, France, Mexico, China, Australia, India and Sweden and «new entry»: Jordan, Georgia, and even the Pacific Ocean, the Republic of dellla Vanuatu «.

In the past edition of the Barbara Cappochin International Biennial (2011), the Environmental Centre of Zaragoza, of Magén Arquitectos, won the Giancarlo Ius Gold Medal Prize to the to the most innovative work in the field of energy saving and renewable energy sources.

+info: http://www.bcbiennial.info/il-premio_1779033.html

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