El Centro Ambiental del Ebro, publicado en el libro European Style (Shanglin)


The book “European Style”, edited by Shanglin, includes Environmental Department of Zaragoza City Council, by Magén Arquitectos.

«The book collects the design works of a galaxy of elites who are active in European architectural design stage of the present time. BFLS, Hawkins/Brown, Hamonic+Masson Architectes, Manuelle Gautrand Architecture, N+B Architectes, Magén Arquitectos, Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes, Audrius Ambrasas Architects, Studio za arhitekturu, Massimo Mariani Architetto and etc. These design works reflect not only realistic theme and concepts of the time, but also the global view as well as its European elements. Reading through the book, readers will get a chance to witness changes, breakthroughs and transformations of a new era for Spanish architectural designs represented by each and every masterpiece.»

El libro «European Style», de la editorial Shanglin, incluye una selección internacional de proyectos , entre ellos el Centro Ambiental del Ebro.

Eng, 28×28 cm, 320 p. – ISBN 978-7-214-08361-6

+info: Centro Ambiental del Ebro, Ebro Environmental Centre,

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