El Centro Ambiental del Ebro, publicado en el libro «New Concept. Urban Landscape» (Phoenix)


The book “New Concept. Urban Landscape”, edited by Phoenix, includes Ebro Environmental Centre, by Magén Arquitectos.

The book collects 56 excellent landscape design works around the world; all reflect four essential landscape elements (public open space with humanizaed functions, layout with regional characteristics, the artistic style of architecture and garden and returning to nature) and put forward reasonable sollutions according to the actual conditions.

El libro «New Concept. Urban Landscape», de la editorial Phoenix, incluye una selección internacional de proyectos, entre ellos el Centro Ambiental del Ebro.

Eng, 25×24,5 cm, 285 p. – ISBN 978-988-16528-4-3

+info: Centro Ambiental del Ebro, Ebro Environmental Centre,

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