Aragon Institute of Architects

Jaime Magén Pardo. Collegiate Member since 1999.

Francisco Javier Magén Pardo, Collegiate Member since 2004.

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EINA – School of Architecture University of Zaragoza.

Jaime Magén Pardo. Professor Architectural Constructions Departament since 2012.

Francisco Javier Magén Pardo, Professor Architectural Construction Department since 2013.

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ETSAUN – School of Architecture University of Navarra.

Collaborator Studio in Master’s Degree in Environmental Design and Management of Buildings (MDGAE) since 2012.

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ETSAZ – School of Architecture University San Jorge.

Jaime Magén Pardo. Professor  Architectural Design Department 2010-11.


Zaragoza Global

Company allowed to use Zaragoza trademark since 2009.

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Aragonese Strategy for Climate Change and Rewenable Energies

Entity attached since 2013.