«Magén Arquitectos: Arquitectura 2002-2012» by TC Cuadernos


«Spanish architecture in recent years (…) has been an architecture that is aware of its environment and its possibilities, but also of the «builder» tradition initiated by teachers in the sixties and seventies, and later continued by many generations of architects who are now in their fifties and sixties, that today has been picked up by a number of younger architects. The Magen Arquitectos studio is definitely a prime example of this attitude and their projects, which handle an abundant and rich sequence of references related to this way of understanding the work, are examples of this.». Francisco Mangado.

«A sense of timing that, in the case of this team, lies in their capacity to analyze the design and the location of their projects;  this is enriched by a special investigative zeal which refuses to sacrifice the spatial experience despite the budget constraints. (…)This sense of timing that leads Magen Arquitectos to the solution at just the right time. There are no minor issues for them, only opportunities.» Llatzer Moix

Selected projects

Ways of Living

– 68 social dwellings in Zaragoza

– Refurbishment of dwellings in the old quarter. Zaragoza

– 44 social dwellings in Tauste. Zaragoza

– 16 social dwellings in Valdefierro, Zaragoza

Sports Facilities

– Municipal Sports Center for Football Training C.M.F. Camisera. Zaragoza

– Renovation and extensión of Stadium Casablanca Clubhouse. Zaragoza

Memory and the city

– Recovery an extensión of an 18th century house for public school of Music. Alcañiz, Teruel

– Residential, Social and Cultural Facilities in the Convent of St. Augustine. Zaragoza

– Fleta New Theater. Visual and Performing Arts Center. Zaragoza

Urban Landscape

– Environmental Center on the banks of the river Ebro. Zaragoza

– Escatron new Town Hall. (built the first phase)

– Administrative Center of the Region of Bajo Martin and for the Development of Alabaster. Híjar, Teruel

Forms of learning

– Rosales del Canal Infant School. Zaragoza

– Parque Goya Infant School. Zaragoza

– Infant School in the eco-city Valdespartera. Zaragoza

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