90 Social Housing in Huesca


The project develops a residential program of social housing and garages on a site located in the city of Huesca.

The project is based on two fundamental ideas: The choice, given the width of the block, of a type of housing that groups the technical rooms into courtyards inside the block, and the main rooms to the outside, and from this type of housing, project a horizontal building that folds on itself, to provide a kind of dynamism to the plan and open inner courtyards to the outside.

The formal configurationof the buildingis based onthe use ofpanelsof cantilvered framed terraces with green fininshing in their interior walls, anodized aluminum sliding slats, and white mortar.

Technical sheet

Location: Zaragoza street. Huesca, Spain.

Architects: Magen Arquitectos

Developer: Suelo y Vivienda de Aragon

Competition: 2016

Area: 12.621,29 m2