Amendment nº 40. Urban planning of the Municipality of Zaragoza.


TheAmendment No 40 of Urban Planning of the Municipality of Zaragoza includes a new configuration of  the Stadium Miralbueno – El Olivar,  the Plot 133 in Valdespartera and related spaces.

The modification is justified in the public interest that exists in that reorganization, which are specified in the following points:

-A continuous and uniform configuration of the green corridor, reinforcing their status as public axis connector that crosses the different neighborhoods and allowing a wider range of uses and allocations along its route.

– The increase in the total area of ​​parks and open spaces.

– The creation of a new road connecting Argualas street and Gomez Laguna Avenue, at Belle Epoque street, favors a more direct connection between the district of Casablanca and the district ofVasdespartera and also prevents the no-way end of  Argualas street.

Technical sheet

Location:        Gomez Laguna Avenue – Valdespartera. Zaragoza.

Architects:      Magen Arquitectos

Developer:     Stadium Miralbueno El Olivar

Endorsement: 2009

Area:              380.411 m2