Arquia Banca Zaragoza


The project consists of the integral renovation of a store located in the first expansion of Zaragoza, next to Independencia Avenue, for a new office of Arquia Banca, which will be moved to this new location, in the center of the city, from its current location inside the Institute of Architects. The store, located on the corner, is on the ground floor of a building from the 70s, has two floors.

The design strategy responds to Arquia’s own character, oriented both to innovation and efficiency in management, as well as to advice and dealing with the client. Therefore, two types of spaces are proposed: the technological and management one , in which work and commercial attention spaces are placed, and the warm and comfort, which corresponds to the waiting or staying areas.

Technical sheet

Location: Marceliano Isabal street. Zaragoza

Architects: Magen Arquitectos

Developer: Arquia – Caja de Arquitectos

Project: 2017

Works: 2018

Area: 269,03 m2