Auditorium, cultural and sports facilities in Teruel


The nature of the plot, surrounded by hillsides, causes a topographical approach to the building by the creation of terraces to create urban public spaces at different levels. The group of volumes expreses the public nature of the program and their circular shape creates a worth urban effect due to their visual combination. These cylinders, without corners or edges, remember to geographical features instead of constructed buildings. The buildings interwave with the topography, creating four green plazas to the west, a visual extension of the surrounding slopes.

Public spaces are generated both in bottom and top levels, Cofiero street and Ruiz Jarabo avenue.  At the bottom plaza, there is entrance through a porch to both lobbies, cultural and sport, of the building. At the top plaza, the green roof and a curved viewpoint extend the avenue and leads to the public elevator that links the levels and the top lobby of the cultural building.

The cylinders gained height in a terraced way to integrate them in the plot and the landscape, linking the lower Cofiero with the upper Ruiz Jarabo Avenue. That link is reinforced with an independent public lift, that connects the two streets and the different plans of the building, allowing an independent use of each.

Functional program is divided among the three buildings in a clear way. This allows an independent use of each building and the relation among them as a whole. The taller cylinder holds main cultural uses, conferences rooms and auditorium, and cafeteria, lobby and exposition hall is located in the two-storey cilinder. The third cylinder is full with sport facilities and technical rooms. Circular coutyards introduce natural light and ventilation in the diferent levels.

Technical sheet

Location: Subida de Cofiero s/n. Teruel.

Architects: Magen Arquitectos

Developer: Municipality of Teruel

Area: 17.713,16 m2


Accesit in Ideas Competition, 2007.