Extension of Torre de los Espejos High School


The expansion of Torre de los Espejos High School responds to two fundamental objectives: the effective resolution of the precise program of needs, and the articulation of the new building with the existing facilities, built in the year 2009. As it is a recent construction, it seems logical to establish continuities in terms of materials, tones and finishes, so that the final result presents a certain unitary condition.

According to the analysis of the existing building, there is an articulation with the atrium in the vestibule, the most significant interior space of the original building, so that the extension is able to enrich its own spatial conception, through the articulation of the new circulations and spaces, in its northeast side, towards the patio.

Technical sheet

Location: Puerto Rico Avenue. Utebo. Zaragoza, Spain

Architects: Magen Arquitectos

Developer: Government of Aragon

Project: 2016

Works: 2018-19

Area: 2.828,71 m2


XV Ricardo Magdalena Award. Accesit

1st prize in Projects Competition, 2016


Conarquitectura, nº 78, 2021