Fire station La Cartuja. Zaragoza


The project is configured by the juxtaposition and articulation of the two prismatic volumes: a first horizontal building, corresponding to the vehicle garage, and a second building with three storeys. The entrance is located at the intersection between both pieces, with an open patio that penetrates the general volume in the ground floor and constitutes the main access to the Services Building. From this area you could also have independent pedestrian access to the communications office and the vehicle warehouse. Next to the main entrance is the core of vertical communications and facilities, which gives access to the different floors and whose position favors a flexible organization. The nature of the programme, different on each floor of the service building, and of the vehicle warehouse, leads to a rational, systematic and modular proposal, with a clear and simple structure, which allows its adaptation and adjustment to the uses foreseen, as well as possible transformations in the future.

Technical sheet

Location: Acebo street. Empresarium area. Zaragoza.

Architects: Magen Arquitectos

Developer: Municipality of  Zaragoza

Collaborators: AT Ingenieria (engineero); Jose Angel Perez (structure)

Competition: 2022

Project: 2022-23

Area: 1.570,21 m2



1st Prize in Projects Competition, 2022