Health Sciences Faculty. Public University of Navarra


Located in the Northwest border of the Hospital Complex of Navarra, the project is based on the context and continuity with the existing annex building, the School of Nursery, generating two different and complementary outdoor spaces: to the North, the area that is it opens towards Avenida de Barañáin and the city; to the South, the space oriented towards the hospital complex and the Blue Pavilion.

The new building for the Faculty of Health Sciences at the CHN is perpendicular to the exisitng one, with a stepped profile that makes the building gradually lose its section towards the west end, until it coincides with the crowning height of the current building, and a setback on both sides of the floor, coinciding with the connection area between the two on the East façade, and with its extension to the West façade.

From the point of view of the interior organization, the fundamental objective of the project is to promote communication and interaction between students, creating open spaces and meeting points in the building, proposing certain interior routes that connect these spaces, and excluding closed corridors. This arrangement also favors clarity and user orientation.

Technical sheet

Location: Navarra Hospital Complex. Pamplona

Architects: Magen Arquitectos, Barcos y Enríquez Arquitectos

Developer: Public University of Navarra

Visualizations: DANA

Competition: 2020

Area: 14.687,20 m2


Accesit in Ideas Competition, 2020