Kindergarten Arcosur


Arcosur neighborhood is the last residential expansion to the south of Zaragoza.

The objective of the project – in addition to strict compliance with the normative, functional and economic requirements – is to transform a still inhospitable land into a habitable space, to create a pleasant and suitable place for the child’s scale, beyond the current absence of references in the surrounding urban environment.

The origin of the project is therefore in the definition of its essential functional, structural and constructive module, and in the subsequent repetition or addition of the same to configure the different spaces.

Technical sheet

Location: Cierzo Avenue. Zaragoza (Spain)

Architects: Magen Arquitectos

Developer: Government of Aragon

Construction: UTE Elecnor – Ehisa

Competition: 2015

Project: 2016

Construction:  2017-2018

Area: 1.957,92 m2


FAD Awards 2020. Selected.

XXXIV Fernando Garcia Mercadal Award. First Prize

XV 3 de Abril Awards. First Prize

1º prize in Projects Competition, 2015..


Bauwelt nº 2/2020

AV Monografias España 2019 / Spain Yearbook