Kindergarten in Walting


Located on the western edge of the municipality, next to the existing Primary School, the new Kindergarten is developed in a horizontal one-storey building, supported by the alignment towards the street, occupying the highest point of the school complex. On the north side, the building is set back, generating a wide outdoor space for access to the main hall, also connected, by stairs and steps, with the existing playground.

The school is organized linearly, through a staggered succession of full and empty spaces, which correspond to service and living spaces on the east side –to the street- and with classrooms and patios on the west side, towards the courtyard of the complex. This succession of compressions and expansions of the circulation axis, as well as the entrance of light to it, from both sides, transform the initial linear scheme into a successive concatenation of spaces and views of the exterior. This arrangement provides each classroom with an individual patio, as an external extension of it.

Outside, the sloping roofs of the main teaching spaces, over the horizontality of the volume, characterize the profile of the building. The stepped urbanization of the patio adapts and takes advantage of the topography, transforming the existing topography into an occasion to generate children’s games: ramps, slides, …

Technical sheet

Location: Leonhardistrasse. Walting

Architects: Magen Arquitectos, Sulitze Muñoz Arquitectos

Developer: Gemeinde Walting

Competition:  2018

Area: 992,29 m2