Limburgschule Sports Hall


The proposal intervenes on a space of special urban relevance in Weilheim an der Teck, at the crossroads between the BissingerStrasse and the Lindach River, two structuring axes of the urban configuration of the city. In the proposal two areas are distinguished: the area around the courtyard of the Primary School, near BissingerStrasse, and the longitudinal space between this area and the Scholderplatz. In the surroundings of the Primary School, the replacement of the current sports center generates a central space of generous dimensions, between the current buildings and the new sports center.

The sports center is set from the section, as a building between the levels of the School’s courtyard and the river promenade. It is a building embedded in the slope, with access from both levels.

Technical sheet

Location: BissingerStrasse 2. Weilheim an der Teck

Architects: Magen Arquitectos, Sulitze Muñoz Arquitectos

Developer: Städt Weilheim an der Teck

Competition:  2019

Area: 1.985,31 m2