Mediatheque in Piwa (Poland)


The intervention is based on on the intense relationship between new Mediateque and public space, in response to the relevance of the location in the city of Pila: in Zwycistwa plaza, next to Gwda river. In this sense, the project is not only a Mediateque, but is aimed to become a new meeting and relationship place of information and knowledge, but also leisure and entertainment.

The public space goes through the building on the ground floor by a diagonal axis that links the Mediateque with the close presence of the river, so the project is divided into two linear blocks that form a new space of relationship in the middle of the building covered by a glass roof on a lattice beams and open at its ends to the square and the river.

Technical sheet

Location: Zwyciestwa square, Piwa, Poland.

Architects: Magen Arquitectos

Developer: Municipality of Piwa

Competition: 2014

Area: 8.120,50 m2