Official School of Languages


The initial implementation in a context of isolated buildings is based on the idea of compactness, the formalization of the building in a cubic volume concentrates the mass and the image of the building in one volume clear, legible and recognizable.

From the outside, the building appears as a compact volume of four floors, which image responds to the layout and the expression of its construction system. The geometric order and constructive rigor characterize the image of the building, with a unitary condition in materials, but it responds differently in the facades because of the different sunlight conditions.

The image of the building references to the program through color coding that form a graphical composition on the facades of aluminum vertical slats, based on the flags of the main countries that give rise to different languages taught in the School.

Inside, circulation spaces are concentrated around a central space, minimizing and optimizing the routes. The requirements of flexibility and spatial quality are resolved through the modular design of rooms, materials and facilities, which would easily rearrange the interior distributions under future requirements.

Technical sheet

Location: Maria Zambrano street. Zaragoza, Spain.

Architects: Magén Arquitectos

Developer: Government of Aragon

Competition: 2009

Area: 3.655,76 m2