Primary School and Sports Pavilion. Spandau. Berlin.


The Primary School and Sports Pavilion is located on the Goltzstrasse / Mertensstrasse street in Berlin Spandau, in the Hakenfelde district. It is a mainly industrial zone integrated in an urban development project called “Wasserstadt Berlin-Oberhavel” that aims to combine residential and mixed use as well as public equipments. It is an elementary school (1st-6th courses) of line 4 with integration of inclusive special education students.

The built volume is concentrated on the west side of the plot along the Goltzstrasse creating a large open and continuous space on the inner side of the plot protected of the street. The construction is proposed as a unit volume, but clearly divided into two sections, corresponding to the uses of Primary School and Sports Hall.

The Primary School building is projected as a three-story building, located along the alignment of Goltzstrasse Street. The volume of the Sports Pavilion is arranged with a small turn with respect to that of the School, so that an open square is created to the street, where the main entrances and the access roads to the buildings and the outdoor spaces of the building are located.

Technical sheet

Location: Goltzstraße / Mertensstraße. Spandau, Berlín.

Architects: Magén Arquitectos, Sulitze Muñoz Arquitectos

Landscape: Laura Jeschke Landschaftsplanmung

Developer: Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung und Wohnen

Visualizations: Quatre Caps

Competition: 2017

Project: 2018-19

Works: 2020-22

Area: 13.025,54 m2 


1º prize in Projects Competition, 2017