Primary school. Zell.


Zell Primary School is located on Mettenhaldenstraße in Esslingen am Neckar. The projec adresses the double challenge of meeting the functional and constructive requirements of the program, as well as giving an adequate response to the implementacion in the urban fabric.

The new Primary School is located on the south of the site, defining a large open courtyard along with the existing building. It is formed by several volumes with sloping roofs that group the different uses: classrooms, Multipurpose Room, Gym.

Technical sheet

Location: Mettenhaldenstraße 2. Esslingen am Neckar

Architects: Magen Arquitectos, Sulitze Muñoz Arquitectos

Developer: Städtische Gebäude Esslingen

Competition:  2018

Area: 3.835,54 m2