Renovation of Nursing Home in Borja


The objective of the project, in addition to responding with the best functional and architectural conditions to the needs of the program, is to make the most of the opportunity offered by the necessary reform of the facades, to increase their thermal performance, to provide the building with a unitary condition, a recognizable identity, and a certain residential, domestic character, more than institutional, related to the improvement of the conditions of stay of the residents, not only in organizational terms -in coexistence units- but also in all the characteristics that architecture can contribute, both in the comfort of interior spaces, and in the identity of the building.

Technical sheet

Location: 4 Pilar Lorengar street. Borja

Architects: Magen Arquitectos

Developer: Aragon Institute of Social Services

Collaborators: David Mateo (quantity surveyor); Naven Ingenieros (engineer); José Sainz (structure)

Competition: 2021

Project: 2021-22

Area: 3.607,94 m2


1st Prize in Projects Competition, 2021