Sports centre CMF Actur


The project defines the reform and expansion of a public facility sports, the CMF Actur,  which includes the construction of a football-11 field, a football-7 field, a building with changing rooms and auxiliary rooms, and stairs in order to provide the optimum installation conditions of functionality, along with a dignified and recognizable presence.

The equipment must solve the gap of the plot, 4.5 m., with respect to the grade of Ranillas Avenue and Calle Luis Legaz Lacambra, constituting a clear and unified piece where special emphasis is placed on clarity and ease of access, adequate topographic implementation and constructive definition of buildings.

The implementation of the program in the plot is from the configuration of a north-south longitudinal axis, on the west side of the plot, set by the buildings and pedestrian circulation with access from the street Luis Legaz Lacambra. Setting this axis lie the buildings, forming a built front grouping different uses.

With regard to new buildings, the project develops a modular industrialized in order to achieve greater economy and speed of execution of the work, based on the idea of modular prototype extensible to other similar activities in Municipal Football clubs.

To the east of the buildings football grounds are situated, so that the field is delimited on its longitudinal sides, the west by the changing buildings and auxiliary facilities, and to the east by the stairs and slope vegetation to a height of Ranillas Avenue. To the north of the football field-11 is located on-7 football field, separated by a walkway.

Technical sheet

Location: Luis Legaz Lacambra street. Zaragoza

Architects: Magén Arquitectos

Developer: Municipality of  Zaragoza.

Competition: 2009

Project: 2009

Area: 14.470 m2