Theatre Gonzalo de Berceo


IES Gonzalo de Berceo IES was completed in 1960, according to the project drafted by the architect José Antonio Corrales , one of the leading figures of Spanish modern architecture in the 20th century. The building is characterized by the inclined planes of the cover, which ascends, descends , to accommodate up rooms with different heights , or breaks to introduce natural light into the interior. The cover is the element that gives unity to the whole, supported by successive parallel walls of brick.

In addition to the formal qualities of the building and construction, its condition of turned piece regarding the alignment of the urban fabric is one of the starting points of the project. If in the original building the trace responded to the sunlight, in the case of the New Cinema-Theatre, the addition`s geometry serves Paseo de la Florida, turning his «head» to the city, recognizing their new uses in its new frontal.

The fragmented skyline on the cover is one of the most significant characteristics of the building. The intervention proposes a dialogue with the five skylights of the original building, raising two new pieces, which in this case, turn toward the front walk and workshop access, perpendicular to the walls of the original building. These two new pieces identify the new access and reinforce the consideration of the hall as a public space , an extension of the promenade and park, inside the building.

The auditorium section recognizes both the original and characteristic asymmetric access status and the new intervention. The addition on the first floor allows placing a new box, which can be used as a stage of authorities.

Technical sheet

Location: La Florida Boulevard. Alfaro, Spain.

Architects: Magén Arquitectos

Developer: Municipality of Alfaro

Competition: 2013

Area: 1.086,46 m2