Town Hall in Escatron


The project of the Town hall in Escatrón, in addition to claiming the architectural design of a piece of formal quality program that meets the functional requirements arise out of a reflection with respect to other equally important objectives. The first objective has to do with the fact of representation: it is not building more. In the City makes an appearance the civil power in the square, the building represents the authority of citizens, and as such, the face of the new building will reflect the condition of the building representative. The second objective arises from the analysis of the context in which the municipality is located, seeking an answer to urban areas in the Plaza de España and the buildings that make up more related to the idea of ​​a new viewer that shares space the public square, on one condition protagonist of the new construction. In the approach of the new Town hall also took into account the necessary two-phase thereof, both the need to address functional issues that arise, especially when using only the first phase, as constructive aspects unitary perception of it.
The way the building looks out over the square has to do with the representative status of it, and its urban position at the confluence of the Calle Mayor and Plaza de España. The adequate correction of alignment in the corner, currently in process, forms a continuous front towards the square, allowing the vision of the City from any point. It is thus formed the new corner of it as the key point of the building, given its central position in the Square, and its relation to the High Street. Be located at this point, therefore, key elements of the new facade: the gap to the balcony, which overlook different spaces, and the main entrance to Town Hall, through a porch on the building.

The fact that the building is dictated by the urban environment and the need to give two-phase because of their internal geometry: this is the result of the encounter of self-orthogonal systems and is entered in the activities. The meeting of these systems, coinciding with the meeting between the two phases of execution is achieved by interstitial spaces in different plants, visually and spatially through a vacuum system in which communication and movement occur. These interstitial spaces overlooks the staircase that leads to the different floors and the elevator, as well as access to different areas: customer service, classroom celebrations, municipalities, political groups, …

Technical sheet

Location: Spain Square, 1. Escatrón (Zaragoza).

Architects: Magén Arquitectos

Developer: Municipality of Escatrón

Construction: MLN Mariano López Navarro; Construcciones Silex

Photographs: Pedro Pegenaute

Project: 2009

Works: 2010-2014

Area: 1.113,37 m2


AIT Awards 2018. Special Menction, 2018

1º prize in Ideas competition, 2008


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