Urban development

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The planning and urban development are often the beginning of architectural activity, influencing the final quality of the architectural work. Proper planning, attend and coordinate the disciplinary aspects of urbanism, integrating them with the tools provided by urban art, it is necessary to meet the growing complexity of architectural activity

Magen Architects has developed urban planning at different scales, from building detailed studies to Municipality Plans amendments, preparing proposals for urban development in both the public and private sectors.

Magen Architects has designed unique public spaces, based on natural features and historical and cultural values ​​of the places in which it intervenes..

Main projects

Amendment nº 69. Urban planning of the Municipality of  Zaragoza.

Amendment  nº 40. Urban planning of the Municipality of  Zaragoza.

Building detailed study of area ED4. Intervention sector F-57-8. Zaragoza.

Building detailed study of plot EE (PU) 89-38. Zaragoza.

Riverbank Park Ebro River in the surroundings of the Ebro Environmental Center. Zaragoza.

Public square in Tauste (Zaragoza).

Public square in the historic center of Alcaniz.