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MAGEN ARQUITECTOS is an architecture and urbanism office based in Zaragoza, Spain. Since its foundation in 2002, by Jaime Magén (Zaragoza, 1974) and Francisco J. Magén (Zaragoza, 1980), we have designed and built dynamic and significant buildings and spaces. From the first projects to the present, the work of the office has been recognized for its architectural quality, based on innovation, sustainability and excellence. In recent years, our firm has opted to incorporate BIM technology and international energy efficiency standards in the development of projects. At present, the study has projects and works in Spain and Germany.

Its practice is interested in Architecture as a both technical and cultural fact, deeply focused on unique investigation, design, development and construction of each project. A fundamental aspect to produce relevant buildings has been the close cooperation with our clients, sharing their objectives. This method of work allows us to manage different projects, in terms of size, scale and complexity, based on the interdisciplinary collaboration and teamwork, with a personalized structure for each project, directed by a steady organization to guarantee the fulfillment of  the criteria of quality and efficiency that characterize the work of Magen Arquitectos.

In this sense, the study has so far received more than 55 awards and honors for its built Works and has been awarded in more than 40 public tenders for projects or ideas. Since the beginning of its career, Magen Arquitectos has earned  national and international reputation. Its most outstanding works, like 68 Social housing in Zaragoza or the Ebro Environmental Centre, have leaded the office to be selected among the most promising young international architects by American magazine Architectural Record (Design Vanguard 2016) and European Centre for Architecture, Art Design and Urban Studies (40under40 2012 Award, to 40 most promising European architects under 40) and German magazine Bauwelt (Bauwelt Award, to best first built work, 2007).

They were also selected among the young Spanish architects more renown by the Ministry of Fomento (XI Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism), Foundation Caja de Arquitectos (Arquia/Proxima Programme), Foundation Arquitectura y Sociedad (Campus Ultzama 2010), international magazine RIBA Journal («The Iberian context»),  art magazine Exit Express («Young Spanish Architecture) or design magazine Diseño Interior («Interior Strength»). Its work has been several times published in El Pais and AV Yearbook of Spanish Contemporary Architecture.

In 2007, his first work won the prestigious Biennial International Bauwelt Award in Munich, the best first work built by an architect. Among other major awards, highlights the Giancarlo Ius Gold Medal (Padua, 2011), the most innovative project in the field of energy saving and renewable energy technologies, awarded by the International Union of Architects, as part of the International Biennial of  Architecture  Barbara Cappochin, the XI Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism (Comillas, Santander, 2011), the first prize in Saie Selection  (Bologna, 2010) for the best building constructed in wood, Aplus Award (Barcelona, ​​2011) in the category of Sustainable Architecture,  the XXXI Prize Ricardo Magdalena (Zaragoza, 2010), Third Prize in VI Bigmat Award  (Santiago de Compostela, 2011), and mentions in theUgo Rivolta European Architecture Award (Milan, 2009), 7th International Award for Sustainable Architecture Fassa Bortolo (Ferrara, 2010), finalist in the International Biennial of  Architecture  Barbara Cappochin, being also finalist in Best Detail Prize, selected in XI Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism, the European Landscape Prize Rosa Barba (Barcelona, 2010), Special Menction in 2018 AIT Awards, 1st Prize in 2013 MEA Awards dedicated to Mediterranean Sustainable Architecture (Athens, 2013), and Finalist in Architizer A+ Awards (New York, 2014) .

Its work also got appreciations in three editions of Architectural Biennal of Young Spanish Architects (2008, 2010 and 2012), five editions of 3 de Abril Awards by Municipality of Zaragoza (2007, 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2016) and  twelve editions of Aragon Institute of Architects Awards.

Its work has been published  in many technical magazines in over 15  countries (Austria, Bulgary, China,  Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, United Kingdom, etc), in magazines like Casabella,  Bauwelt, C3 Korea, MARK Magazine, DETAIL, A10, Abitare, A+A, Topos, IW Magazine, RUM, Igloo, TC Cuadernos, Arquitectura Viva, ConArquitectura, Vía Construcción, Arquitectura COAM,… and several books on contemporary architecture. The publisher TC Cuadernos edited a monograph focused on the office: «Magen Arquitectos: Arquitectura 2002-2012».

It has also been exhibited and lectured several times in Spain, Germany, Italy and France. They have lectured in Munich, Hannover, Bologna, Padova, Barcelona, Seville, Alcalá de Henares,…  and been invited to Conferences, Meetings and Workshops national and international of Architecture, like Ultzama Campus 2010 organized by Arquitectura y Sociedad Foundation and the international conference «Idee per una rigenerazione urbana sostenibile» (Padova, 2011).