International Conference on Educational Architecture – Education, Heritage, Challenges

The International Conference on Educational Architecture – Education, Heritage, Challenges is a three-day conference to be held in Lisbon from 6-8 May, 2019, at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Educational Architecture – Education, Heritage and Challenges is intended to be a forum for discussing the most recent innovations, trends and concerns in this area, as well as the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in the planning and design of new and existing child-centred educational environments. It will discuss the current challenges and requirements faced by educational environments, focusing on different perspectives and scales of analysis, such as the role of the educational space within the local urban fabric, its impact on the local community, and the design of informal and formal educational spaces (spatial, functional and environmental quality; spatial organisation; furniture and equipment; etc.). It will also provide an interdisciplinary platform for leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholarship holders, as well as for educators, practitioners and, policymakers from different geographies and backgrounds, who will enjoy opportunities for discussion and mutual understanding, in the pursuit of common research goals.

Jaime and Francisco Javier Magen have been selected to lecture the paper “Building a place: Four kindergartens in Zaragoza, 2008-2018”.

EduArc2019_e-Book_Draft Version001

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