La Sede del Servicio de Medio Ambiente publicada en Architektura&Biznes (Polonia)

La Sede del Servicio de Medio Ambiente en las riberas del Ebro en Zaragoza, publicada en el número 9(218)2010 de Architektura&Biznes.

Polish architectural publication «Architektura&Biznes»  features the Environmental Unit Headquarters, by Magén Arquitectos,  in its nº 9(218)2010 issue.

Magen Arquitectos Zaragoza

Report and article by Agnieszka Stepien: «The building of the Department for the Protection of the Environment of the Saragossa Mayor´s Office is located on the borderline between the older part of town, situated on the other side of the river, and the younger one, right next to the Almozara bridge, one of the relatively few in town. The solution proposed by the family firm Magén Arquitectos utilizes the potential afforded to the building by its situation in the direct vinicity of the Ebro. What used to cause the marginalization of the area where the facility is located has been turned into the pivotal advantage of the design by the architects. It is namely the considerable difference of levels on the site. (…) It is one of those buildings which Peter Zumthor used to compare to a rock falling into a lake. At first, there are circles on the water, but soon its surface becomes smoooth again, producing an impression that nothing has really happened, and the rock protruding from the water seems to have always been there. The building by Magén Arquitectos fills a gap in the history and space of Saragossa, adding new character to a city that now is turning -knowingly and respectfully- towards the river that flows through it «.

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