«Learn for life. New Architecture for New Learnign», published by Gestalten (Alemania)


The book “Learn for life. New Architecture for new learning” includes the Kindergarten Rosales del Canal  in Zaragoza (Spain), by Magén Arquitectos.

Learn for life is a diverse collection of inspiring architecture and interiors that support progressive models of acquiring knowledge. New interpretations of kindergartens, schools, universities, libraries and educational centers are featured along with architecturally innovative offices, conference rooms and laboratories. These examples are rounded out by more experimental projects or temporary installations that offer further perspectives on the rapidly evolving topic of how best to learn in the new millennium.

Built in an age when a vast amount of information is now readily accesible online and traditional lecture-style teaching is lost on our shortened attentions spans, the groundbreaking spaces documented here promote learning by inspiring us, providing us with helpful tools, and facilitatin opportunities for productive cooperation and the exchange of ideas within groups.

Eng, 30,5×24,5 cm, 271 p. – ISBN 978-3-89955-414-4

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