Magén Arquitectos obtiene el Architectural Record DESIGN VANGUARD 2016 !!!

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Magén Arquitectos ha sido galardonado con el premio Design Vanguard en su edición de 2016, un premio concedido desde el año 2000 por la revista americana Architectural Record –una de las publicaciones internacionales de referencia en materia de arquitectura-, que reconoce cada año a los 10 estudios emergentes del panorama internacional.

A través de este enlace se puede acceder al listado de premiados en esta edición, entre los que también se encuentra el estudio granadino CUAC Arquitectura. El premio Design Vanguard, iniciado en el año 2000, ha sido concedido en ediciones anteriores a arquitectos internacionales de la talla de Alejandro Aravena, Sou Fujimoto o Bjarke Ingels (BIG). En los últimos años, destacados estudios españoles han sido reconocidos internacionalmente en las sucesivas ediciones: Magén Arquitectos, CUAC Arquitectura (2016); Losada-García (2015); Barozzi/Veiga, Andrés Jaque (2014); Héctor Fernández Elorza, Grupo Aranea (2013); FRPO (2012); Iñaqui Carnicero, Arquitecturia (2011),…

A través de este otro enlace se puede leer el artículo del crítico estadounidense David Cohn sobre la trayectoria de Magén Arquitectos, publicado en el actual número de Diciembre de Architectural Record:

«Magén Architects: Materials, construction practice, and place inform the dynamic, sculptural buildings of two Spanish brothers (…)»

Magén Architects has been awarded with the Design Vanguard 2016 for emerging architects by the New York-based magazine Architectural Record.

The American monthly magazine Architectural Record (AR), dedicated to architecture and interior design, published their first issue in 1891. In 124 years it has been an influential and highly professional voice featuring articles that showcases noteworthy architectural works throughout the global landscape. The magazine holds a close relationship with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and with high quality photos and to the spot exciting projects makes it accessible to the general public as well.

Architectural Record’s annual Design Vanguard issue brings together the architects who are already doing some of the most innovative architecture work in the field and will lead the profession in the future. They are the firms at the forefront of design and the architects to watch.

Design Vanguard began in Architectural Record in 2000 with the intention of spotlighting the future architectural leaders of the profession. Vanguard architects are selected by a panel of professionals including deans of architecture and critics from around the country after they reviewed design portfolios

Since 2000 AR has annually presented a Design Vanguard that spotlights architects doing some of the most innovative work in the field who will lead the profession in the future. It goes without saying that being among the ten on this annual list is to be considered a great acknowledgment! AR´s Design Vanguard 2016 list is as follows:

CUAC Arquitectura, Granada, Spain

Young & Ayata, Brooklyn, New York

Studio Andrea Dragoni, Perugia, Italy

Alexander Jermyn Architecture, Berkeley, California

Facet Studio, Osaka, Japan, and Sidney

Abruzzo Bodziak Architects, Brooklyn, New York

Studio Akkerhuis, Paris

Waechter Architecture, Portland, Oregon

Mohamed Amine Siana, Casablanca, Morocco

Magén Architects, Zaragoza, Spain

Link to AR´s Design Vanguard 2016 winners;

«Since 2000, Design Vanguard has showcased emerging architects from around the world. For this program, RECORD looks at firms established no more than 10 years ago that are demonstrating inventive approaches to shaping the built environment. Unlike some years past, when young architects were still coping with the economic downturn, this year’s winners have a robust body of built work and are making a big impact on the places where they practice.»

Link to the article of David Cohn featuring Magén Architects.

«Magén Architects: Materials, construction practice, and place inform the dynamic, sculptural buildings of two Spanish brothers (…)»


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