DFA Foundation


The project is located in Jesus Gracia street in Vadorrey neighborhood . The building avoids direct dialogue with its decontextualized surroundings to create a new urban reference, beyond its status as architectural piece.

The fluid forms and the apparent external secrecy, appropiated from the functional point of view given the privacy required for some uses, are interrupted at ground floor access, establishing relations with the different streets. Given the height of nearby buildings , cover will also have the condition of facade, and is characterized by its plant surfaces and solar and photovoltaic panels, alluding to energy efficiency issues proposed in the building design.

The lobby , designed as a central atrium that visually communicates the upper floors of the building, leads to the different services offered by the program requirements, grouped into four functional areas: the Hall, the nursery, the day center and Early Medical Attention. It produces a sequence of spaces between the wide porches of access, the central lobby and entrances or lobbies or waiting areas for different uses.

The use of materials manifests the same will of flow and continuity in shape, conveying a certain idea of ​​lightness caused by the separation between the two layers of the facade, the outer timber , and interior, glass and aluminum. The ipe wood in different positions and for different uses is the predominant material in the facades and interior finishes of the central atrium and courtyards . Outside, the wooden lattice controls the entry of sunlight, providing some privacy while in the interior conveys warmth and comfort in different areas . The introverted outside building becomes a urban illuminated reference at night.

Technical sheet

Location: Jesus Gracia street. Zaragoza, Spain.

Architects: Magén Arquitectos

Developer:DFA Foundation

Competition: 2010

Area: 10.781,44 m2