Philosophy Faculty. University of Zaragoza


The project proposes an intervention that, for the first time in its history, affects the entire building, its extension and the adjacent exterior spaces. It is, therefore, an opportunity for the integration and adaptation of the complex, taking into account the relationship between its different parts and volumes, and proposing a unitary and coherent reading of the resulting synthesis.
Therefore, the new EDE Building is considered in physical, material and historical continuity with the existence, following the rules of a game already defined. The volumetric continuity refers to the alignments, setbacks and staggered volumes of the original  building, as an extension of the 5-height longitudinal block, with three wings or pavilions perpendicular to the previous one, and a lower height of the building on the perimeter, serving to a more friendly scale, of lower height towards the pedestrian of the campus and towards Pedro Cerbuna street.
Another fundamental objective of the project is to offer good conditions for the development of the teaching and researching, as well as the exchange of ideas among professors, researchers and students. The building proposes a clear and rational distribution, with generous and comfortable work spaces, varied and bright interior spaces.
The new EDE building is considered from the scracht as a nZEB building and offers an ambitious response to the current challenges of sustainability and energy efficiency.

Technical sheet

Location: Campus San Francisco. Zaragoza

Architects: Magen Arquitectos

Developer: University of Zaragoza

Visualizations: Quatre Caps

Competition: 2016

Project: 2017

Works: 2018-2021

Area: 22.096,68 m2


1st prize in Projects Competition, 2016