Liang Xin Zaragoza


» Liang Xin Zaragoza» project addresses the design of premises located on the ground floor of a residential building for its new use as a Center of Oriental Therapies based on Traditional Chinese Imperial Techniques , whose philosophy is to combine mind, body and spirit to achieve optimal health and wellness. The aim is to create an «urban oasis » , an environment conducive to relaxation and wellness.

The property features a unique façade to the street where the main access to the center is located. It has two distinct areas . The first, parallel to the facade, is a rectangular area of ​​ uniform height . The second area , at the far end of access , occupies the ground floor of the courtyard of the residential blocks and has a gable roof , lighted by a series of skylights.

The new program sets several areas for massages and therapies ( Hall 1, Lounges , and foot reflexology room ), as well as other areas of service or support to these areas.

Spaces are organized around three stripes of horizontal communication: two aisles called «Imperial Walk» and «Empress Walk» , and a third under the skylights. Attention is been paid to the treatment of the different sides of the » Imperial Walk» . The side walls will be lined by a series of pilasters of black lacquered wood on wall painted in black color. The lighting is dim and indirect integrated in some of the wooden pillars . The pavement combines the overall tile used, Tucson Anthracite by Porcelanosa, with Baia Stone white paving stones in stripes of 30 cm.

Technical sheet

Location: Jose Maria Lacarra street. Zaragoza.

Architects: Magén Arquitectos

Developer: Liang Xin Spa

Construction: Coanfi SA

Photographs: Pedro Pegenaute

Project: 2013

Works: 2013-2014

Area: 382,02 m2


Local Architecture // Retail Architecture in Zaragoza 2003-2015. Zaragoza. 2015.

XXIX Fernando Garcia Mercadal Award. Aragon Institute of Architects. Zaragoza. 2014.