Matarraña Ecotourism Center


This project proposes the creation of a Center of reference -both national and internationally- on Ecotourism / Active Tourism / Nature Tourism, based on the exceptional environmental and landscape conditions offered by the territory of the Region of Matarraña / Matarranya, and especially in his condition as Mediterranean countryside.

The proposal is designed from the search for a paradigmatic model of sustainable development for the territory. According to this initial approach, it is proposed a new meeting place through the recovery and upgrading of Finca Mas d’Arsis, as a new active landscape and an engine of development for the territory. The content of applications targeted to visitors and territorial promotion -based on the landscape as a sign of identity- adds a social component of equipments especially aimed at the local population.

Technical sheet

Location: Mas d`Arsis country estate. Monroyo (Teruel)

Architects: Magen Arquitectos

Developer: Region of Matarraña

Competition: 2015

Area: 280.835,00 m2


3º prize in National Projects Competition, 2015.